Pleasant Ridge Christian Church  - 150 Years of service

Worship Service 9:00 a.m. Sunday Mornings

Sharing the Gospel Through Their Gifts of Music

     On Sunday April 8th, the congregation received the pleasure of hearing bass player Gina Morrison, banjo picker Nathan Morrison, and guitarist Pastor Bill Meredith lead the music in the service.  There was also a song played and sung by Pastor Bill and Music Minister Lucas Johnston.
     After the service these talented musicians played at a senior center to share the gospel through music.

The Spiritual Battle
(2 Kings 6:15-17)

     The battles that are being fought in each person’s life are not of flesh and bone but are a spiritual battle. It is a constant war between two spiritual worlds. We must never lose sight of which side we are on and who our Master is. Always be vigilant, always be in prayer, and always be in contact with the Savior who gave his life for us so that we can have everlasting life.
     This is the beginning of Spring, when new life grows from what seemingly looks dead. That’s what happened, long, long ago on a cross at Calvary. A life seemingly was dead, in fact the body was dead, but the Spirit was full of life and both Body and Spirit arose from the dead and Jesus now sits at the right hand of God. We have life because of Him. Praise the Lord!
     It is hard to do many things in our life, but God asks us to trust Him.

He asks us to us to have Faith in Him…

He asks us to Love Him…

He asks us to confess our sins to Him…

He asks us to turn our backs on our sins…

He asks us to be holy as He is Holy…

He asks us to stand…

     Is this too much to ask of us? It seems to be an impossible task. If we try to do all that God asks of us, on our own, we would fail. But…if we rely on the Power of the Holy Spirit and the Blood of our Savior and the Compassion and Wisdom of our Father God, then no, it is not too much to ask of us.
     God, we ask for your guidance in all that we do. Give us the Wisdom to make right decisions in our life. Help us to have a heart of forgiveness and a Spirit of Compassion. Help us to see the path of Righteousness that You have set out before us. Give us the Strength to endure all that is before us. We ask Your Holy Spirit to give us the gift of discernment in all that we do. Please surround us with Your Angels, protect us and keep us in the palm of Your hand…In Jesus Christ’s Name…Amen

Happy Easter. He is Risen, indeed!!!
Fisherman       4/9/18

Easter Morning Breakfast

                Easter morning brought our annual breakfast sponsored by the Men’s Group.  There was plenty of good food for everyone, and the fellowship was outstanding.  The men started cooking at 6:00 to prepare for the hungry crowd.  It was a great way to gather before the Easter morning service.

Memory Verse for April 2018

The angel said to the women, "Do not be afraid, for I know you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified.  He is not here; he has risen, just as he said."   -   Matthew 28:5 - 6a

Come on Sunday to experience the joy of worship with fellow believers.  You will love it.

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April 2018 Edition

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Greeters to Welcome You


     On April 1st, was the start of our new Welcoming Team.  This is a new group within the church.  Although we have always welcomed visitors warmly we now have official Greeters who welcome them with information about the church and a friendly smile.
     If you are interested in being part of the Welcoming Team, please see Ray Freeman.  All members are invited to be part of this team.