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September 2018 Edition

See what has been happening, read a devotional, and get your Bible memory verse of the month!

Musical Help Wanted.

     Do you like praising the Lord through music?  If so, our Music Leader Lukas has some openings.  We are currently looking for hand bell ringers and people that would enjoy singing in a top notch choir.

The Hand Bell Choir:  We are looking for at least two people who can either play or would like to play hand bells.  Beginners are welcome to join the group.  We meet every Wednesday evening, at 7:00 p.m.  

Singing Choir:  We have a group of fun loving people just waiting to welcome you into the group.  We are looking for anyone that wants to sing praises to the Lord.  The Choir meets every Thursday evening, at 7:15.

Wait! There's more.

Christmas Choir:  You say you are not sure about a long term commitment?  We are looking for people to sing with the Choir for Christmas music.  This is a good way to dip your toe into the water to see if it is something you would enjoy.  Plus, it will get you into the true Christmas spirit.  Come to the Choir room Thursday evenings, at 7:15. 

What do these openings pay?  Ok, there is no monetary compensation, but you will get to be around fantastic people.  The greatest benefit of all is you will be able to praise the Lord through music.

Grace and Mercy

A while back, my wife and I gave our grandson, Luke, who just turned 5, a birthday present. It was a tackle box along with all the things that all good tackle boxes should have. He was so excited! He sat on the floor and opened each little plastic bag that had the fishing supplies and asked me what each one was and then put them into each little compartment. For two hours he walked around proudly carrying his new box filled with exciting things to fish with.

Well, a month later, Luke called me on the phone and asked me if we could come up to Virginia to fish. I told him that it would be another month before we could come up.  

The day came when my wife and I went to Virginia to take a little boy fishing and to celebrate the birthday of his younger brother, Isaac. Before we left for Virginia, we went to an outdoor supply store to buy a birthday present for Isaac…and also to buy something for Luke. We bought a rod and reel for Isaac’s birthday present. I told my wife that I also wanted to buy him a tackle box too, just like his brother’s. She said that Luke had a tackle box and that Luke could share with Isaac but I insisted that we buy another box just like Luke’s. I also wanted to buy a rod and reel for Luke. We took our new purchases and placed them in the trunk and off we went to Virginia.

When we got there and knocked on the door, Luke ran up to me and said, “Poppi are we going to go fishing?” I said, “We sure are, are you ready? Do you have a fishing pole?” Luke said, “No…I don’t, it broke”. I said, “well don’t worry about that, I can take care of it for you.” Luke looked up at me again and said, “Poppi…my tackle box got broken, the car ran over it.” I could tell that he was really worried about how I would react. I looked down into his eyes and told him that it was alright and that it would be ok. He turned around to his mother and said, “Mommy did you hear what Poppi said? He said that it was alright and that everything would be ok!”. I knew then that he had really worried about what I was going to say and how I would act. I love my grandson and told him not to worry.

Now after Luke had told me about his stuff breaking and how he didn’t have anything to go fishing with, my daughter told me how that morning she had bought a tackle box for Isaac’s birthday and it looked exactly like the box I bought that morning at the outdoor store. I quickly realized why I bought what I got that morning. I smiled and I told Luke and Isaac to come with me to the car. I opened the trunk, reached in and pulled out one of the rod and reels and handed it to Isaac and told him happy birthday! Luke waited as I turned back to the trunk and I pulled out another rod and reel and a tackle box. I gave it to him and asked him if they were ready to go fishing. Isaac was thrilled with his new present and Luke was really happy that he had everything that he needed to fish with. Luke then said, “what about worms”? I reached back into the trunk and pulled out a container of worms that I picked up on the way and once again asked him if he was ready to go fishing. I got the biggest hugs and I got to say that hugs are a really great thing, it warms you up all inside and makes you feel special. We got in the car and went fishing.

I have to say that it was really impressive how God led my wife and I to go to the outdoor store that morning and buy not one fishing pole but two…and beyond that, had also led me to insist on buying that one particular tackle box…not two. God through His Grace and Mercy had allowed a Grandfather to be an example of grace and mercy to his Grandsons. I was able to tell my Grandson that it was ok, that I wasn’t upset, that it was alright…showing Mercy. Then I was able to supply his needs though grace, which was actually God’s Grace.

Was all this a coincidence? Or…Was it God speaking to me to tell me exactly where to go and what to buy and how to respond to a little boy?

God wants to be a part of our lives and He speaks to us. Do we have the ears to hear and the eyes to see? When we spend time each day in God’s Word and in prayer throughout the day then we look expectantly for His direction and we listen.

Remember also…Confess your sins to God and experience His Mercy and Grace.


Church Barbecue November 3rd

                November 3rd, we will be hosting the annual Pleasant Ridge Christian Church Barbecue.  More information is to come, but save that calendar in your book, phone, tablet, etc.  Just save that date.

This is a fund rasier for projects and missions by the different groups in the upcoming year.. 

Memory Verse for September 2018

Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.  -  Mark 16:15