Youth Leaders: Al & Leigh Ann Powell 

Welcome Brothers & Sisters

Pleasant Ridge Christian Church

When you walk through the doors of this church you will find people there to welcome you.  It won't take long for you to find that you are home.  We are looking forward to you coming in and sitting for a spell.

The PRCC is a member of the Evangelical Association of Reformed Congregational Churches.

      Pastors: Bill & Barbara Meredith

What Do We Teach?

We use both the Old Testament and the Gospels as the foundation for our faith and the inspiration for our daily lives. We put those teachings into practice at home and at work.


Pleasant Ridge Christian Church

150 Years of Service  Sundays/ 9am 


This church recognizes the Bible as sufficient rule of faith and practice and holds that living in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ is the true test of fellowship.  Each member shall have the undisturbed right to follow the word of God according to the dictate of his conscience, under the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.

Who Is Our Senior Pastor?

Pastor William Meredith's preaching style is Bible based, simple yet challenging, clear and easily understood, using scripture and life experiences to illustrate  Biblical principles.  He has a love for the Word and enjoys teaching God's precepts to others in small and large group settings.


Al and Leigh Ann are excited to be in their first year of youth and children leadership at Pleasant Ridge Christian Church. Al brings experience in youth and music ministry and Leigh Ann in camp and college ministry. For further information on events and activities, please contact us @